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We are digital!

Gone are the days of typewriters, rotary phones, and film cameras…our world has been transformed. We now have tablets, smart phones, and digital cameras that have replaced these things—and for good reason! Newer, proven technology allows for better efficiency, a more enjoyable user experience, and often a better outcome.

Dentistry is no different.

There are still methods used in dentistry today that have literally been around for centuries. These methods may still “work,” but what is being sacrificed in the process? Patient comfort? Efficiency? Quality? Health? At Dunwell Dentistry, we invest in cutting-edge technology that delivers superior results.

What does this mean for you? 

  • A more streamlined patient experience with paperless charting.
  • Instant digital x-rays with drastically lower doses than traditional x-rays.
  • No more gagging on a mouthful of goopy impression material for most procedures.
  • No “redos” when that first impression doesn't turn out.
  • Less chair time
  • Comfort.

Yes, going to the dentist can be comfortable, and we're here to prove it to you!

Plain and simple, it is what we would want for ourselves, so it is what we provide for our patients.

Come experience the difference!

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